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‘Bigfoot’ Silva returns to MMA after three-year absence

One-time UFC heavyweight title challenger Antonio Silva will return to the cage this fall after a three-year absence from MMA. “Bigfoot” Silva, 40, signed a contract with Taura MMA to

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Novel label-free imaging technique brings out the inner light within T cells

T cells are the immune soldiers at the frontlines of the battle with infiltrating pathogens that seek to cause disease. A new study published in Nature Biomedical Engineering describes a

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App Store chief says Apple aimed to level playing field for developers

On Wednesday, Apple Inc Chief Executive Tim Cook will face questions from U.S. lawmakers about whether the iPhone maker’s App Store practices give it unfair power over independent software developers.

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Star Wars Squadrons delivers on the promise of a modern-day X-Wing

Are we really getting a modern take on the 90s’ outstanding X-Wing games, complete with that same nerdish detail and with the power and spectacle possible on modern hardware? All

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‘It’s my wife’s turn to pick our son’s name and I hate it – he will be bullied’

A man who has an arrangement with his wife where they take it in turns to name their babies has admitted that he doesn’t like the name she’s chosen. The

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